John G. Murphy


jg-profile-picture“I’m John G. Murphy and welcome to Journeyer!

We are all Journeyers – all of us are on this journey called life, but how do you choose to live it?  Are you living consciously, or are you living unconsciously.  Are you livings inclusively, or exclusively?  Are you living joyfully, or in misery?

So here, at Journeyer, I travel from person to person, place to place, meeting and sharing the story of those who have chosen the path to living consciously, joyfully and inclusively.

Remember, ‘The most beautiful moments in life are moments when you are expressing your joy, not when you are seeking it’.

The intention of Journeyer is not to convince you of one direction being better than another, but to pave the ground for your awakening, a remembering that though there are aspects of life we are not in control of, our own happiness is the one thing that we are the source and creators of.

So a heartily welcome to you.  Simply enjoy what you hear, read or see and take with you whatever you find enlightening, inspiring or helpful, and discard what doesn’t contribute to your understanding and well-being.  One thing I can assure you is there will be plenty of interesting stories!

I hope you enjoy your experience and I wish you happiness and love on your Journey!”

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